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All of us can benefit from regular massage treatments! Regular massages can help everyone improve the condition of their mind and body:

  • reduces muscle tension.

  • improves circulation.

  • stimulates the lymphatic system.

  • reduces of stress hormones.

  • relaxes

  • increases joint mobility and flexibility.

  • improves skin tone.

  • improves recovery of soft tissue injuries.

Baby Massage

Evidence has shown that premature babies gain weight quicker when massaged regularly. Its a beautiful bonding experience between parents and babies and can be started from as early as a few weeks old. What I love about Baby Massage is the benefits it gives to the parent as well as the baby:

For baby:

Relaxes baby

Relieves discomfort from colic, wind and constipation

Encourages sensory development

Helps baby sleep better

Normalises muscle tone and improves blood circulation

For you:

Feeling closer to your baby 

Learning a lifelong parenting skill

Helps with understanding your babies communication cues

Relaxing 121 time with your baby

Increases confidence in caring for your baby 

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